The Journey

by Fredrik Axelzon

A desolate barren winter landscape. Metal wheels against rusty tracks and a perpetual pendulum. Hungry and exhausted. Strangers and shadows. Carrying shards of the past. Will they ever reach their destination? Is it only a dream? Hope is waning, fatigued. Only the name remains. The turning point.

The journey—a scenario that takes the players for a dark and quiet ride through a frozen landscape in the shadows of the apocalypse of civilization. Focus is placed on depicting the fatalistic mood, barren dialogues and a constant tone of silence. The scenario is scene-based and influenced by Cormac MCarthy, jeep format and classic Swedish freeform of 2010.

Approx 4 hours
Capsule definition:
Baren landcape, horror, silence, despair
Fastaval 2010 (winner for Audience Award)


  • English (to be posted)
  • Swedish (to be posted)
  • Danish (to be posted)