Upcoming games

(aka vaporware)

The jeep is as busy as ever making games. There are currently at least ninemany games in the making involving many different people. Most likely, all of these games wont make it. Some are already made, but haven't premiered yet.

Anyway, here is a list of the one's with (tentative) titles for 2008–2009.

  • Nattro 120mg, Martin Brodén (with Emma Öhrström)
  • Audition (2009), Frederik
  • Double Exposure (2008), Frederik
  • Fat man down1, Frederik
  • Ditch'd (Enjoy the Silence), Jiituomas
  • Snorting, Jiituomas & Thorbiörn
  • Heatwave, Jiituomas
  • A Summer's Game, Akseli Jalava
  • Fat man down1, Olle
  • Jordsmak, Thorbiörn
  • Ättestupan, Thorbiörn
  • This American Game, Tobias
  • Happy End, Tobias
  • I May be Married (But I'm not Dead), Frederik & Tobias

  • Gang rape, Tobias DONE
  • Behind every abuse stands a Mother, Fredrik DONE
  • Night of Nights, Tobias DONE
  • Drunk, Tobias and Fredrik DONE
  • Lives, Births, Deaths, Martin and Tobias DONE
  • Conversations, Per DONE

1) You read it right. This game is being written twice in parallel. Different takes by different guys.

In case you were wondering, the picture above shows a three-way chat with Olle, Thorbiörn and Tobias, sharing a distributed beer and talking crap. The jeep is a pretty distributed crowd these days—Tobias moving to the USA and Frederik and Line moving to Switzerland.