Jeepform Games

A few games in many languages.

A list of upcoming games can be found here.

The Jeep has a history of being bad at making their games available online. With the introduction of this page, this is no longer true. We intend to make all our games available in PDF with discussion forums, actual play reports attached. If someting is missing, just holler and we'll fix that.

Looking for games in Swedish?

Or Danish, or English or Italian...

Actually, many of our games are published in more than one language, usually Swedish and English, or Danish and English. Some games are available in Swedish and Danish both. One game is available in Italian, and another has some Italian localisation. Links to the games are found to the right. To keep some order, non-English games have the English title in parenthesis after the name to avoid double downloads.

Is [X] a Jeep Game!?

(Probably not...)

Some games on the lists were written before the Jeep and Jeepform was ever invented, but this is a good place to make them available from, and they all include people on the authors list that went on to become Jeepers at some point in time.