by Fredrik Axelzon and Tobias Wrigstad

A serious story of love. About how one glance can stop time. About daring to love and daring to move on.

Doubt is two stories about each other. A life and a play. Tom and Julia love each other. Both on stage and off stage.

Doubt is about temptation, the importance to love and be loved. About constant choosing. About living with one person, and at the same time dreaming about others.

In Doubt, the players are responsible for the story. Decide the fate of Tom and Julia. Play the play to its final act. Two players play Tom and two play Julia. And extras. And lovers.

A beautiful scenario about love.

4 (pref. 2 female and 2 male), 0-1 game master
3-6 hours
Love, hard feelings, playing close to home, etc.
Fastaval, 2007

Acknowledgements and Credits

The images in Doubt were taken from morguefile.
The Danish translation was made by Mette Finderup with corrections by Thomas Munkholt.
The English translation was made by Tobias.
The Italian translations were made by Emma Sansone with corrections by Andrea Castellani.
Finnish translation was made by Johanna Koljonen.

Where is the Italian translation?

  • An Italian translation of Doubt is soon to be published by Claudia Cangini and Michelle Gelli. Due to contractual obligations we can no longer offer an Italian localisation of Doubt for free here. [Link forthcoming]




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  • The synopsis (Swedish) we sent to fastaval